Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Strong concentrations of carbon monoxide are very dangerous for humans and can lead to illness and ultimately death if not detected and the person removed from the area into fresh air.  Apart from the industrial environment, there are lot of possible sources of carbon monoxide where exposure can lead to poisoning or death.

These include;

  • Car engines
  • Gas engines
  • Gas stoves
  • Heating systems
  • Gas-powered fireplaces

Most of these are found within or around your home.

Carbon monoxide exposure

carbon monoxide exposure

Concentrated carbon monoxide exposure usually occurs when a person is in a semi-enclosed or fully enclosed space with inadequate ventilation, such as a house closed up with a faulty gas heater running.  Given the physical nature of carbon monoxide, people usually don’t know it exists until poisoning occurs, which may be too late.

The only sure way to minimize carbon monoxide exposure is to have your gas appliances tested at least once every two years and to install a carbon monoxide detector into each appropriate location of your home.

A carbon monoxide detector will alert people in the vicinity of high carbon monoxide concentrations in an area and will assist in limiting exposure.   When it does alert you or your loved one, it is important that you leave the area of exposure immediately and call a gas fitter or the fire brigade.

Exposure can be avoided with proper education, information, detection and servicing of heating equipment.

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