Where to Place Carbon Monoxide Detector


Carbon monoxide is marginally lighter than air, which means they can be mostly found with warm, rising air.  This means that carbon monoxide detectors should be placed at approximately 2 metres or 5 feet from the floor.carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Placement:

Here are some guidelines to follow when finding the correct location for carbon monoxide detector:

  • Ceilings – Given that ceilings would be the highest part of each floor where warm air can go up, it would be the best location for carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Near Bedrooms – You would want to hear the alarm once it sets off even while you are asleep.  It is best to place it within 5 metres or 15 feet from your bedroom.  Should you have bedrooms that are more than 10 metres or 30 feet from each other, you will potentially need more than one carbon monoxide detector.
  • Garages – These pose a great danger whenever a motor vehicle is left running.  Should your home be attached to your garage, make sure to place the detector within 3 metres or 10 feet of the internal door to the garage.

There are also locations to avoid as they can give you a unnecessary false alarms, such as:

  • Near Burning Appliances – Fossil fuel burning appliances can give you a false alarm.  Place carbon monoxide detectors at least 5 metres or 15 feet away from gas kitchen ovens/stoves, fireplaces, and heaters.
  • High Temperature Places – Avoid exposing detectors to direct sunlight or placing them close to heat-generating appliances.
  • Humid Places – It is not wise to place a detector in the bathroom.
  • Near Windows – Once a window opens, air can easily go outside and the detector might not sense the correct amount of carbon monoxide.  This is also similar to when curtains touch the sensor/detector frequently.
  • Within Reach of Children – Never place a detector where a child can reach it.

Carbon monoxide can be present in every floor of your house, which is why having a carbon monoxide alarm in every floor of the house will ensure safety the of all people inside the house, including your children and visitors.


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